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ACCA’s membership consists of public and private sector professionals engaged in contract compliance; minority and women-owned business enterprises; historically underutilized business enterprises; disadvantaged business enterprises; affirmative action; wage and hour standards; and equal employment opportunity from across the nation. 

ACCA was established to provide an ongoing comprehensive professional training to individuals working within these disciplines. ACCA provides its members the opportunity to collaborate with other professionals and information regarding their respective industry trends and technologies that will increase their effectiveness.

Members shall be individuals whose primary or secondary job responsibilities or interests involve the monitoring of contracts for adherence to wage and hour standards, contracting affirmative action or equal opportunity employment requirements, contract compliance, or the administration of socially and economically disadvantaged business programs.

Members who have paid current annual dues shall be in good standing and have all privileges of membership. Members shall have the privilege of voting when in attendance at annual National Training Institutes and special meetings of ACCA. Members shall be eligible to hold office as provided in these Bylaws, and to serve as chairpersons of standing committees of ACCA.

Membership is based on the calendar year (January 1 – December 31) and is not prorated. Memberships are for individuals only and is $150 per year.

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